The story of a photographer

Born and raised in the Southside of Chicago where my passion for photography bloomed. Being surrounded by such a culturally rich community capturing the moment came involuntary. At the age of 25, I now reside in Sacramento, California where I wish to continue to capture those precious moments in the Sunshine State. 

My goal is to one day open a studio in the community, so children can come to lean the fundamental and joys of photography. I first gained an interest in photography when I was around 5 or 6. My eldest brother, Michael, was taking a film photography in college, for one of his projects for class he captured an image of my best friend and I. A few days later he developed the image, it was black and white and showed it to us that simple moment. He explained to me how he was going to develop it by exposing it to light and bathing the paper in different liquids I was just impressed by it. Since then I loved to look at life front behind a camera lens. 

I am based in Sacramento, California. One of the great peaks of my job is traveling to those locations that we hold close to us whether it is a wedding or your child’s 5th birthday party. I travel for projects if needed. I hope to capture timeless moments for my clients, so one day they can see that picture and be transported back to that joyous time, and show their children how small they used to be. A picture is not just a picture, it is a moment captured in time that has a story behind it. Let me capture that image for your precious memories. 

Phone: 773 997-0423 

Instargram: hennessywilliamsphoto